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Think and Be Safe Playing Cards 12 Pack
Think and Be Safe Playing Cards 12 Pack $99.95

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"Think and Be Safe" playing cards are real playing cards printed on fine paper specially manufactured for playing cards. But more importantly, they are easy to play with. The safety messages are not so large that they take up the whole face of the cards. The messages don't take away from the usefulness of the cards.

Sample safety messages include:

  • Injuries do more than cause pain...they can destroy lives.
  • Do I set a good safety example for my kids? If I don't, why don't I?
  • Falls from the same level can cause devastating injuries.
  • A split second of inattention can result in devastating results
  • Safety is about more than life and death. It's also about the quality of life

Each and every card has a compelling safety message.

This package includes 12 decks of Think and Be Safe playing cards.


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