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Prime Contractor
Prime Contractor $69.95

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Prime Contractor Online Course Overview

This online Prime Contractor course is designed to help individuals understand the basic requirements surrounding roles and responsibilities of Prime Contractors. It describes the simple steps required to designate a Prime Contractor as well as the responsibilities and obligations of Owners and Contractors.

This course is ideal for those who are accepting or assigning Prime Contractor status. Content also includes the development and implementation of Work Site Safety Plans and assessments of the suitability of any contracted service provider to assume the role of Prime Contractor. By the end of this course, participants should be able to assess whether a Prime Contractor is meeting its legal obligations with respect to the Work Site Safety Plan as well as guide their own organization in functioning as the Prime Contractor.

Prime Contractor Online Course Topics

This online Prime Contractor course covers the following topics:

  • Occupational Health & Safety specific terms (i.e. Owner, Prime Contractor, Contractor, Supplier, Employer, Worker, Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee, Health and Safety Representative, and Work Site)
  • The purpose and legalities of assigning a Prime Contractor to a work site
  • The benefits of maintaining or transferring the role of Prime Contractor
  • Roles and responsibilities associated with the Prime Contractor process
  • The Prime Contractor selection process and how to select the appropriate contract service provider for each project
  • The implementation of Occupational Health & Safety closed systems
  • Monitoring and follow-up of the Prime Contractor’s Occupational Health and Safety System

Prime Contractor Online Course Duration

Approximately 3 hours

Prime Contractor Pass Mark

A mark of 80% must be achieved in order to pass this course. The course is able to be taken three times in efforts to achieve the pass mark.

Prime Contractor Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of this online course, a certificate of completion will be available for download and printing.

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