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Add Course   Quantity Price
Aboriginal Awareness More Info $34.95
AED/CPR Awareness Course More Info $39.95
Alcohol & Drug Testing: What Drivers Need To Know More Info $49.95
Alcohol and Drug Awareness More Info $39.95
Asbestos Awareness More Info $49.95
Asbestos Awareness (Three-Part) Combo More Info $219.85
Asbestos Awareness Training More Info $49.95
Asbestos Hazard Awareness More Info $69.95
Back Safety Basics More Info $49.95
Back Safety: Keep Your Back In Action More Info $49.95
Battery Safety for Telecommunications More Info $69.95
Bear Awareness More Info $39.95
Bloodborne Pathogens More Info $69.95
Bloodborne Pathogens Worker Safety More Info $34.95
Bloodborne Pathogens: Safety In The Workplace More Info $49.95
Canadian Welding Red Seal Self-Assessment More Info $49.95
Cannabis Awareness for Employees More Info $39.95
Coaching - Giving & Receiving Feedback More Info $79.95
Cold Stress More Info $59.95
Cold Stress Awareness More Info $65.95
Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety More Info $79.95
Confined Space Awareness & Rescue Operator Safety Combo More Info $79.95
Confined Space Awareness and Rescue More Info $99.95
Confined Space Awareness for Entrants & Monitors More Info $69.95
Conflict Management for Employees More Info $79.95
Conflict Management for Managers More Info $79.95
Continuous Improvement for Safety Excellence More Info $79.95
CRSP Practice Examination Questions and Answers More Info $179.95
Crystalline Silica Awareness More Info $69.95
CSA: Know the Basics More Info $59.95
Culture of Early Reporting More Info $79.95
Cyber Security Awareness More Info $94.95
Disability in the Workplace More Info $69.95
Discrimination-Free Workplace More Info $69.95
Diversity - Valuing Differences More Info $49.95
Dog Bite Safety More Info $69.95
Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace More Info $69.95
Due Diligence Awareness More Info $99.95
Dust Mask - Voluntary Use Guidelines More Info $79.95
Electrical Safety Training Program More Info $149.95
Environmental Management More Info $69.95
Environmental Training for Pipelines Combo More Info $79.95
Ethics More Info $69.95
Ethics and Code of Conduct More Info $49.95
Excavation Safety More Info $49.95
Eye Safety More Info $49.95
Fall Protection Awareness Online More Info $49.95
Fall Protection Training More Info $78.95
Fire Prevention and Response More Info $59.95
Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety More Info $79.95
First Aid Awareness More Info $39.95
First Responder Wellness 101 More Info $24.95
Formal Workplace Inspections More Info $44.95
GHS and WHMIS 2015 More Info $24.95
Ground Disturbance Awareness Online More Info $49.95
H2S More Info $99.95
Hazard Assessment Training More Info $49.95
Hazard Communication More Info $65.95
Hazard Communication in Construction Environments (JJ Keller) More Info $49.95
Hazard Identification, Assessment, and Control More Info $44.95
Hazmat: General Awareness More Info $49.95
HAZWOPER: Chemical Fundamentals More Info $49.95
HAZWOPER: Emergency Response Planning More Info $49.95
Hearing Conservation More Info $69.95
Heat Stress More Info $49.95
Hours of Service: How to Fill Out Paper Logs More Info $59.95
Hydraulic Safety: Exposure Level More Info $99.95
ICC WHMIS 2015 General Awareness More Info $13.95
ICS 100 (AMHSA) More Info $24.95
Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis More Info $75.00
Industrial Ergonomics More Info $49.95
Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) More Info $79.95
Lead Awareness More Info $69.95
Lockout / Tagout Online More Info $79.95
Lockout Tagout in the Workplace More Info $49.95
Managing Medical Marijuana in the Workplace More Info $79.95
Managing Safety Self-Awareness More Info $49.95
Material Handling, Storage, Use, & Disposal for Construction More Info $49.95
Occupational Disease Combo More Info $49.95
OH&S and the Law for Supervisors More Info $99.95
Overexertion Injury Prevention More Info $49.95
Preventing Back Injury More Info $79.95
Preventing Workplace Harassment for Managers More Info $79.95
Propane Handling & Exchange More Info $43.95
Safety: It's Your Responsibility More Info $49.95
Sexual Harassment for Supervisors 2017 More Info $34.95
Shipping Biological Substances and Dry Ice by Air & Ground (Canada) More Info $134.95
Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air (Canada & US) More Info $224.95
Substance Abuse Awareness for Employees More Info $49.95
Substance Abuse Awareness for Supervisors More Info $49.95
Tasks & Corrective Actions More Info $79.95
Traffic Control Persons for Construction More Info $59.95
Transportation of Dangerous Goods Canada (TDG) More Info $35.95
Using Eyewashes & Emergency Showers More Info $49.95
Using Small Quantity Exemptions in TDG & IATA (Canada) More Info $99.00
Vehicle Inspections: Refrigerated Trailers More Info $29.95
Violence and Harassment in the Workplace More Info $49.95
What If? Mentality More Info $79.95
WHMIS + WHMIS 2015 More Info $29.95
WHMIS 2015 More Info $29.95
WHMIS 2015 and 1988 More Info $34.95
WHMIS 2015 for Supervisors and Managers More Info $99.95
WHMIS 2015 GHS Re-certification More Info $18.95
WHMIS 2015 Refresher More Info $19.95
WHMIS/GHS 2015 More Info $34.95
Wilderness & Bear Awareness More Info $69.95
Wilderness Awareness More Info $64.95
Wood Tick Safety More Info $24.95
Working Alone More Info $75.00
Working Alone Awareness Training More Info $49.95
Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Combo More Info $74.95
Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Training More Info $59.95
Workplace Stress More Info $49.95
Workplace Violence Awareness and Prevention (US) More Info $39.95
Workplace Violence Prevention More Info $39.95
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